The Story


Dirt track racer Sean Weathers was at the top of his unstoppable career, scores of fans, and an adoring daughter. When a rivalry with another racer turns personal, the ego that propelled him to success causes a tragedy, sending his life into a tailspin.

Jack Reed was attempting to make up for past mistakes. He had prospered as a businessman but failed as a family man. In a sudden turn of events, his chances for reconciliation are ripped from his grasp.

Sean and Jack’s lives collide, and an unexpected bond forms between them. Working through a painful journey of healing together, they each learn about second chances and the true freedom only forgiveness can offer.

meet the crew

Victory Begins In the Heart

Judd Brannon


With over 20 years of video production experience, Judd Brannon is excited to produce “Champion". With a vision for bringing stories to life, Judd has had the opportunity to direct and produce multiple video projects. Judd’s initial success came with the music video “For Freedom,” featuring the music of Grammy-nominated artist, Avalon, and was selected to be a part of Sean Hannity’s “Freedom Tour.” Last year Judd was part of the crew for the Kendrick’s upcoming feature “War Room.” Currently Judd serves the people of First Woodstock in Atlanta, GA where he is the staff video producer. Judd is thankful for the support of his wife and two awesome boys.

Steve Hyland


Steve has over 30 years of business experience in Management and Marketing with the last 28 years at Coca-Cola North America. He also help lead the Coca-Cola Christian Fellowship focusing employees to exercise their faith at-work. Prayer has been a passion of his life and he has shared this passion with others at Men’s Conferences, Sunday School or to individuals that need someone to pray for them. He has experienced the power of God working to those who will ask and believe! Steve has been married to his wonderful wife Karen for 32 years and has three children Scott, David and Jennifer.

David Cook


David began working with media 14 years ago, while on the mission field in Spain, with radio and television. In 2009 God placed it on his heart to get involved in feature filmmaking. After in-depth training with Advent Film Group, David served in several departments on feature films including "Alone Yet Not Alone”, "Hero", "Touched by Grace" and the epic "Beyond the Mask.” Recent projects include working as line producer for "Princess Cut", production manager for "Polycarp", assistant location manager for the Kendrick's "War Room", and line producer on "Badge of Faith."

Allen Minott

Assistant Director

Allen is a veteran filmmaker and true team leader, with a heart for seeing others reached for God's kingdom. Some of his recent successful movies include Letters to God, The Song, and Trust Fund. Al began his career as a production grip, learning every aspect of the business, working his way up the movie "ladder". Allen resides in Fort Myers, Florida. Recently He served as Assistant Director on the Kendrick Brother's "War Room.”

David Oster

Associate Producer

David Oster developed a passion for filmmaking and storytelling at a young age. He graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Media Arts and Film Studies. He was one of forty recipients of the annual Academy of Television Arts and Sciences internship program in Los Angeles. Starting out in the film industry, he worked in the assistant director department on films and television shows like “42”, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, and “The Vampire Diaries". More recently he has worked as assistant to writer/director David Ayer, actor/director Casey Affleck and more. He has also produced and directed several web commercial projects for brands like Reebok, Footlocker, and Mizuno.

Marshall Green

Racing Lead

Marshall is a former dirt track world champion, voted in the top 25 of all time Super Late Model Drivers. Marshall now owns and operates Capital Race Cars, manufacturing the chassis and the majority of parts and components in the sport of dirt late model racing. Capital Race Cars has impacted the sport with hundreds of victories in only three season’s, including the Eldora DREAM, back to back ULTIMATE Series Championships, local track championships, as well as CRATE Late Model Championships. Marshall lives in Woodstock, Georgia and has been married to Mia for 20 years; they have two beautiful girls, Macy and Marla.

Casting / Auditions

Online Audition Guidelines:

  • - SLATE FIRST: Role name, Actor's name, representation (self or name of agency), and location (City and State).
  • - FRAMING: Tight 2-button shot (2nd button from top of shirt)
  • - BACKGROUND: Shoot against a medium-tone, solid background -- not too light or too dark.
  • - EYELINE: Perform the scene playing to the reader next to camera.
  • - AUDIO: Clarity is important; try to avoid echo please!
  • - LIGHTING: Would love to see your eyes; dramatic lighting is best avoided.

Online Submission Guidelines:

  • - Film your audition using the sides for your character off the website.
  • - Upload your audition to YouTube as an unlisted (private) video.
  • - Send the video link by email to along with your current headshot and resume. In the email subject line please put actor's name/role name, include your current contact information!

For live auditions, please download your sides for the appropriate character below and the sign-up form and bring these to live audition. The specific location and times will be posted and updated on our facebook page. Please check back there to confirm time and dates. Any new information will be posted there.

Quick Facts:

Filming window will be from July 10 through August 10, 2015.
Filming will be in and around Woodstock, GA
Some paid roles, some volunteer roles.
Non-SAG production.

Live Auditions will be held May 8-9 at First Baptist Church of Woodstock. Please see Facebook posts for time and location details.
Video submission must be uploaded by May 23, 2015.

If you are interested in being a background actor, please send form and current headshot and midshot to In subject line please start with BG and then name.

[Download Background Talent Form]
[Download Actor Audition Form]

Character roles and sides:

Caucasian, mid 30s. Champion race car driver (dirt track) and Gracie’s father. Cocky and confident, somewhat self-absorbed. Can occasionally be hot-headed. Handsome and mostly in shape. Oscillates between his priorities of fatherhood and racing. Download Side

Caucasian, mid 50s. Successful businessman and Ray’s father. Widower. Calm and friendly for the most part, though can be temperamental if provoked. Trying to make up for past mistakes. Download Side

Caucasian, 9-10. Sean’s daughter. Girly, likable and good-natured. Naturally trusting of people; big heart. Strong bond with her father and therefore very interested in racing. Practically raised at the dirt track; is accustomed to being self-sufficient. Outspoken but polite. Download Side

Caucasian, early 30s. Southern accent preferred. Sean’s Crew Chief and best friend. Sam’s husband. Tough exterior, soft interior. Fun “good old boy” type; likes to cut up when the time is right but also takes his job very seriously. Like an uncle to Gracie. Marriage is cohesive and fun. Download Side

Mid to late 20s. Sean’s main mechanic and close friend. Rex’s wife. Pretty and tomboyish; smart and strong-willed. Takes pride in her work and is very good at her job. Marriage is cohesive and fun. Download Side

Caucasian, 20s. Jack’s son and competitive racer. Sean’s rival in dirt track racing. Likable with boyish good looks. Easygoing and professional. Important to him to reconcile with his father. Download Side

Mid to late 30s. Mother of two young boys. Gracie’s temporary foster mother. Graceful and kind. Extremely wise and accepting. Fulfills the nurturing mother role that Gracie has never had. Download Side

Team Owner. Mid 50s to early 60s. Tubby and Southern bred. Cares about his team, but cares more about the finances. Download Side

Mid 30s. Ray’s best friend, Annabelle’s husband. Laid back “everyman” type. Has a heart for people; always ready to offer a helping hand. Download Side

Mid 30s. Logan’s wife. Wise beyond her years and extremely compassionate. Walks with a cane and has a limp. Download Side

40s to 60s. Jack’s assistant. Motherly and organized. Download Side

"40s to 60s. Social Worker. Stern; matter of fact, but compa­­ssionate. Download Side